Art Direction,
Motion Graphics,
& Compositing

Aston Martin — Welcome To My World (Spec Ad)

A spec ad for Aston Martin's timeless DB5, created to show off the CG and compositing skills of Pacific Digital Image's CGI team. Footage of a cobblestone street in Prague was combined with digital renders of the timeless Aston Martin DB5.

With a background plate as reference, the cobblestone street and surrounding buildings were recreated in 3D to ensure that the reflections of the environment shown on the glossy exterior of the car behaved realistically, and to enable the rendering of additional camera angles. Camera tracking, shading, lighting, compositing, and color grading seamlessly integrated the Aston Martin with the live action footage. A final pass of film grain, music, and vintage-inspired motion graphics tied the piece together to create a nostalgic glimpse into the past.

Art Direction: Ben Smith (XLVI) & Massis Shahmirian
Motion Graphics: Ben Smith (XLVI)
CG Artists: Chris Turner & Julian Gupner
Compositor: Michael Thompson

Ben Smith

Digital Artist