Art Direction,
Motion Graphics,
& Compositing

Barrelhand - Project 1

Two still renders and a case study video for Barrelhand's upcoming "Project 1" watch, created to demonstrate the CG product visualization skills of Pacific Digital Image's CGI team.

Given a 3D printed prototype and the original CAD files, PDI's team set out to retopologize the watch mesh inside and out before texturing and shading could begin. A leather strap was modeled in Maya and Mudbox to match the established look of Barrelhand's strap prototypes, and the whole watch was lit and rendered in a polished, low-key style.

I art directed and composited the CG renders, both still and animated, and put together the case study video above. I also composited a render into a stock photo for a mock key visual. 

Art Direction: Ben Smith (XLVI)
CG Artists: Chris Turner & Julian Gupner
Motion Graphics & Compositing: Ben Smith (XLVI)

Ben Smith

Digital Artist