Art Direction,
Motion Graphics,
& Compositing

Idea the Artist — Seafloor

An underwater musical spectacle for Idea the Artist's "Seafloor" with a combination of footage shot against a bare wall in a cramped kitchen, stock from old nature documentaries, and lots and lots of digital trickery.

In addition to making music, Inés is a prolific traditional artist and wanted a video that reflects that aspect of her creativity. A series of filters were developed in After Effects to "charcoal-ize","watercolor-ize", and "pastel-ize" footage of Inés as well as an assortment of underwater footage. A few shots are almost entirely digital -- two dimensional whales were created in After Effects for a "flyover" shot, and an assortment of ruined ships were created in Maya and animated to burst out of a sandy sea floor. Everything was then brought together and frozen in place into one final "painting".

Video: Ben Smith (XLVI)
Starring: Inés Beltranena, Alycia Lang, Maryam Khatami

Ben Smith

Digital Artist