Art Direction,
Motion Graphics,
& Compositing


J.E. Sunde — Prism

A hazy, ethereal lyric video for J.E. Sunde's "Prism", exploring our perceived sense of progress and how we're not always moving forward as quickly as we'd hope to.

Dynamic cloud tank footage was shot in slow motion with a variety of colored and flashing lights, and then paired with a heavy glow/grain filter and an assortment of digital additions. Sunde's thoughtful lyrics were laid on top to drive the video and keep the focus on what's being said throughout.

Directed by: Ben Smith (XLVI) & Zach Johnston
Cloud Art Shot by: Ben Smith (XLVI), Zach Johnston, and Jon Sunde
Video Edit & Lyric Animation: Zach Johnston
Motion Graphics and Compositing: Ben Smith (XLVI)

Ben Smith

Digital Artist