Art Direction,
Motion Graphics,
& Compositing

Sephora — Attractor Screens

Sephora's in-store displays need to be both attention-grabbing and visually beautiful. Seasonal and product-centric screens must look distinct but still feel like part of the same family, with just enough motion to catch visitors’ eyes but not enough to be distracting or feel like in-your-face advertising.

Animated in After Effects, Sephora's beautiful designs are brought to life with their characteristically smooth, ethereal style.

In 2014, Sephora revealed a new Fragrance IQ system with an interactive scent emitter, and needed their existing illustrations to be animated to convey the preparation, emission, and air-cleansing portions of the scent-sampling process.

Design & Art Direction: Sephora
Animation: Ben Smith (XLVI)

Ben Smith

Digital Artist