Art Direction,
Motion Graphics,
& Compositing


Sonntag — Unforgiving Blues (In Paradise of all Places)

A 3D karaoke-style extravaganza for Sonntag’s “Unforgiving Blues”. Procedurally sound-reactive trees make up a forest that the animated singer floats through and a flying white pickup truck flies us through the clouds. 2D animated frogs and rabbits dance on-screen, and we eventually follow as Sonntag ascends to a wintery wonderland. 

Directed by: Zach Johnston & Ben Smith (XLVI)
3D Animation: Ben Smith (XLVI)
Edit & Titles: Zach Johnston
Mouth Illustrations: Brad Hock
2D Creatures: June Tate
Translations: Yoshinori Asai, Silke Sonntag, and Alexandra Velasco
Featuring: Al Cool
Video Camera Operator: Cousin Maphia
Shot in Amir’s Garden in Los Angeles

Ben Smith

Digital Artist